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Welcome to Community Pediatric Surgeons.

Community Pediatric SurgeonsFinding out that your child needs to have surgery is something that most parents never want to hear. At Community Pediatric Surgeons, we understand that completely. And, thanks to our years of experience in working with parents and their children, we do our best to calm those fears. The best way, we’ve found, is to keep you informed as much as possible. From diagnosis, to procedure, to post-surgical care instructions, we’re here for you. Rest assured, your child is in good hands.

Experienced medical staff

Together, Dr. Clinton Cavett and Suzy Guess, R.N., have nearly 60 combined years of experience treating pediatric patients. Dr. Cavett is a skilled pediatric surgeon, whose work is complemented by Suzy's extensive background in neonatal and pediatric nursing in both clinical and research settings. Learn more about Dr. Cavett and Suzy >>

About pediatric conditions and surgery  

To help parents and children better understand what they may be going through, our website offers links to learn more about pediatric conditions, as well as a number of pediatric surgery resources for parents and children.

Grant creates "Surgery Buddies" for kids

Pediatric 'Surgery Buddies'In April 2011, the Community Health Network Foundation provided a grant to support Community Pediatric Surgeons’ “Surgery Buddy” program that helps children who need surgery understand what to expect. The dolls allow hands-on medical play during a pre-op clinic visit and surgical staff are able to show the child where a bandage or stitch may be located following the procedure. Staff also use the dolls to demonstrate how equipment may be used, and how the child might feel after surgery. The program also gives kids a chance to express their emotions, ask questions, gain a sense of control and find comfort before and after surgery. The “Surgery Buddies” are hand-made by hospital volunteers.

To schedule an appointment, please call 317-621-2660.

For your convenience, Community Pediatric Surgeons is located on the Community Hospital North campus, part of Community Health Network. Contact us >>